Final project Photo story

Assignment #6 The seduction of color

For this I took a variety of my favorite shots and made dyptics of each photo one in color and one in B&W.


Assignment #5 Evening Architecture

For assignment 5 we had to take photos during the “blue hour” which I found to be very challenging but fun. I will be practicing at this some more. I did have problems with the wind shaking my camera just enough to put some of my shots slightly out of focus.




Assignment #4

After going through my past photos I could see nature and life as my theme and chose life and death as my theme. Some of my photos show life at its peak and others show life and death existing together in harmony.

Assignment #3 self portraiture

I have a difficult time with self portraiture because I don’t like being the center of attention or being on display. I thought about ways I could get creative and decided to just be myself. I think the most difficult part was getting the focus right in certain situations. For the outdoors shots I could place items where I planned on being and set the focus on the object that was not so easy with the indoor shot.